Oman Welcomes Its Largest Zoo in North Sharqiyah in 2024 : Safari World

With the imminent opening of Safari World, which is supposed to be the world’s largest zoo, the Sultanate of Oman has a fantastic potential to strengthen its tourism industry. Safari World, located in the gorgeous wilayat of Ibra in North Sharqiyah, will welcome its first visitors on the auspicious occasion of Eid al Fitr, marking an important milestone in Oman’s tourism and conservation efforts.

Updated: Safari World Oman accounted for ticket prices as it offers free entry for children under 3, at 3.5 OMR for ages 3 to 14, and a 5 OMR ticket for visitors aged 15 and above, ensuring accessible fun for all ages.

Safari World Oman: A vision for biodiversity and education

The visionary director of Safari World, Khalfan bin Said al Maamari, expressed his optimism to Muscat Daily, underlining the zoo’s potential to become a cornerstone of the Sultanate’s tourism offering. Al Maamar’s decision to build a comprehensive educational and entertainment center demonstrates a solid dedication to conservation and environmental awareness.

Safari World Oman By the Numbers

The massive project spans 286,000 square meters, with 120,000 square meters in the first phase. Presents a diverse range of animal species. Safari World provides a panoramic picture of the animal kingdom, ranging from the familiar pet grandeur of farm animals to the majesty of apex predators and uncommon species like the Arabian oryx. The zoo’s careful planning is shown in its size and the range of habitats established for its inhabitants.

A rare combination of entertainment and conservation

Safari World Oman stands out not just for its large size but also for the unique features and experiences it promises to provide to guests. In addition to seeing wildlife, guests can engage with many species in areas that mimic their native habitats. This complete approach strives to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife while contributing to more significant conservation initiatives.

The establishment of Safari World in Ibra represents a new chapter in Oman’s tourist industry. It will provide an exciting combination of educational and recreational activities for both locals and international visitors. When the zoo opens this afternoon, it will take visitors on a journey of discovery to celebrate our planet’s unique biodiversity and efforts to preserve it for future generations.

Safari World reinvents the zoo experience in Oman with an outstanding collection of over 300 animals worldwide. Visitors can expect tigers and lions, mild-appealing deer, and a colorful display of diverse bird species. This adaptable collection is set against the natural splendor of lush grasslands, providing a genuinely immersive trip into the world of wildlife.

Safari World: The ideal entertainment venue

Safari World

Safari World Oman broadens its offerings beyond wildlife viewing in response to the desire for a complete family experience. Adding a water park to its facilities promises tourists a refreshing retreat that mixes exhilarating water attractions with the serenity of nature. An area dedicated to family activities guarantees that visitors of all ages may find something to enjoy, making Safari World a year-round entertainment destination.

Education is at the heart of conservation initiatives.

Khalfan bin Said al Maamar led Safari. The world is a place for education, particularly among the younger generation. Maamari emphasized the zoo’s commitment to raising schoolchildren’s understanding of endangered animals and the overall necessity of environmental conservation. Its educational objective is to inculcate in visitors a sense of duty and dedication to conservation and ensure that visitors enjoy the zoo’s attractions while learning more about our planet’s environmental issues.

Khalfan bin Said al Maamari, the main force behind Safari World, sees the facility as a symbol of Oman’s rich biodiversity and cultural legacy, showcasing Ibra as a popular destination for international visitors. This desire extends beyond exhibiting diverse species; it seeks to establish Oman, particularly Ibra, as a high-end tourism destination.

Challenges and Succeeds

The quest to make Safari World Oman a reality was fraught with difficulties, requiring 10 years of meticulous planning and unwavering commitment. Maamari credits her father with inspiring this vast undertaking, recognizing the intricacies and challenges that come with such a diverse collection of animals and birds worldwide. Despite the logistical hurdles of transferring the animals and precisely monitoring their native habitats, Maamar’s perseverance was critical to achieving this goal.

Future Prospects: Expansion and Diversity.

Maamar has vast ambitions for Safari World Oman’s expansion. The impending second phase will bring various exotic animals, including elephants, increasing the zoo’s appeal. In addition, the expansion includes new visitor attractions such as a larger water park and a wholly enclosed theme park. These initiatives aim to increase the visitor experience by providing a variety of entertainment alternatives as well as educational possibilities.

Maamar’s ambition includes presenting ecosystems worldwide, including the Arab, European, Asian, and African continents. This comprehensive strategy aims to establish Safari World as a globally recognized zoo that displays the beauty and diversity of wildlife and promotes conservation and education. Safari World hopes to become a staple of Oman’s tourist industry, inviting visitors to enjoy the wonders of nature in an immersive and engaging atmosphere.


Safari World will become a hallmark in Oman, particularly in the scenic Ibra district of North Sharqiyah. It represents a significant step forward in the Sultanate’s tourism and conservation initiatives, providing tourists with an unmatched opportunity to discover the richness of the animal species. Safari World, the inaugural event set for the second day of Eid al Fitr, celebrates wildlife and is a monument to the creators’ dedication and vision, particularly Khalfan bin Said al Maamar.

The complex, which also features a diverse collection of over 300 animals worldwide, educational programs, and substantial entertainment facilities, including a water park, promises a one-of-a-kind blend of entertainment and education. Safari World’s commitment to life protection, education, and restoration positions it as a future leader in wildlife conservation and environmental management.

Safari World’s decades-long implementation hurdles highlight sustainability and the imaginative spirit of its founders. The planned extensions, which aim to introduce more exotic species and increase visitor numbers, reflect Safari World’s ambitious objective of becoming a worldwide recognized zoo that integrates ecosystems from the Arab, European, Asian, and African areas.

Safari World is ready. Not only does it add to Oman’s tourism attractiveness, but it also serves as an essential educational resource, encouraging visitors of all ages to have a more profound respect for nature. After opening its doors, Safari World welcomes everyone to embark on a voyage of discovery and adventure, confirming its place as a cultural and environmental landmark for Oman.

What is the Safari World in Oman?

Safari World is possibly Oman’s largest and most diverse zoo in the Ibra wilayat in North Sharqiyah. It intends to showcase over 300 animals worldwide, providing a unique blend of educational and entertaining opportunities.

When will Safari World Oman open?

Safari World Oman will open to the public on the second day of Eid al Fitr 2024, signifying a significant addition to Oman’s tourist attractions.

What will tourists see at Safari World Oman?

Visitors can observe various animals and birds, including spectacular tigers, lions, deer, numerous birds, and the Arabian oryx, all tastefully displayed in their native habitats.

Are there any recreational amenities in Safari World Oman?

Yes, Safari World has a variety of entertainment alternatives, including a water park and family activity zones, offering a fun and instructive experience for all ages.

What are the plans for Safari World Oman?

The second phase of Safari World Oman will bring more exotic species, including elephants, and improve the visitor experience with new amenities such as a larger water park and an indoor theme park.

Is entry to Safari World Oman free for all children?

Entry is free for children under the age of 3. Children aged 3 to 14 years have a nominal ticket price.

How much does a ticket cost for children aged 3 to 14 years?

The ticket price for children in this age range is 3.5 OMR.

What is the ticket price for visitors aged 15 and above?

Visitors aged 15 and above can purchase tickets for 5 OMR.

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